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Find what I want

How to find what you want.
How to make sure this product is right for your motor.

Search by a part number
This is the easiest way to find a proper result. Either the OEM Part Number or SouthMarine Item Code can percisely find the product.

Search by Brand and HP
Just type in the brand name, such as Yamaha 15HP, Mercury 20HP etc.

Contact us for help
Please kindly give us the accurate model, year, horsepower, serial number of your motor, or take a photo of your motor nameplate, as the following pictures.

Contact us:
Live chat now!  (bottom right corner of the website, only need to enter the email addr)
Email: sale@southmarineparts.com
WhatsApp: +8613646833552
Wechat:     +8613646833552

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